But I still need to do some more setting up with it. It describes every change in the code that is significant. Generally, all Linux distributions published during the last years should support the asupported scanner right out-of-the-box. There are no updates currently. The Number Of The Beast. My problem is I am unfamiliar with Linux syntax and I am having problems with file permissions.

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Only product id 0x is supported. Many thanks for the information – I would never have found this without your help. I had scanexpress 1200 ub in contact with one of the Mustek developers for some time. In principle, scanning works with Scznexpress 3.

This is not about Microsoft Windows.

Don’t enable them in day-to-day usage. If everything works, you should be able to see the scanner scanexxpress “scanimage -L”. But I still need to do some more setting up with it.

Firstly, DON’T log on scanexpress 1200 ub root unless you absolutely need to learn to work with files from your user account These debugging options decrease performance of high resolution scans. Load the driver for your USB root hub e. I can’t help you with this operating system. Linux seems to think I should scanexpress 1200 ub access any file scanexpress 1200 ub though I log in as the root user.

And how do I get Linux to accept actions without recourse to these constant file permissions? If you have a supported Mustek or Trust scanner please tell me, if it doesn’t work.

When he connected the scanner directly, the color was ok.

Julien Herbin personal webpage – Mustek UB Plus scanner on Mac OS X Snow Leopard

There are no updates currently. So far so good. I need your help!

The UB Plus is supported by the gt68xx backend. Does anyone known how to set the file permissions? This site doesn’t have any connection to Mustek. See the download section for scanexpress 1200 ub. The following list shows the known scanners and their level of support by the current version of the Mustek 12000 backend.

It seems I am not in the sudoers file wherever that might be located. What it would seem I need to do is change a line in the file gt68xx.

Mustek USB Backend Homepage

July 25, Some success everyone – at least with the scanner. I’ve installed this and given it an initial try out and it does seem to do the job.

If you have a problem please try the latest Mustek USB backend before sending scanexpress 1200 ub. Thanks for the information. I’ve done a fair amount of research and have discovered SANE does run this device. Linux commands ARE case sensitive. But it refuses to save because of file permissions. You can’t type sudo on its own