If you see erratic or jittery cursor movement, readjust the Sensor Frequency. Any time the cursor does not follow the movement of your finger, or does not reach the edges of the sensor. If you need to recalibrate the sensor, make sure to touch the targets carefully. Installation Complete This is the final screen of the installation process and a notification of its completion. This option adjusts the operating frequency of the touch controller. Save just this section of the log file as a new xorg.

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When calibrating the sensor, be sure you touch the center of each target firmly and precisely.

After touching the sensor, quickly lift the pen and release the button. Touch Digitizer- Has tablet features when used in conjunction with Windows 7. You must intentionally load this utility during installation in order to configure multiple displays.

User guide | 3M™ MicroTouch™ Software MT 7 User Guide

For the latest detailed engineering specifications, please contact your 3M Touch Systems, Inc. It also installs the TwTouch. If it does not, open a terminal window and type the command “X -version”. If needed, change the XinitSuffix value to the needed suffix.

In the resulting dialog, browse to C: The Uninstall program also removes all MT 7 software entries from the system registry files.

Make sure the touch controller is connected to the correct port. By default, it uses a ‘data’ directory in the twscreen directory.

In the image you will see that either the right-click or left-click mouse button is green. This creates the directory twscreen in the current directory. If this does not work then run Removedriver.

3M™ MicroTouch™ Software MT 7 User Guide |

Use the MT 7 control panel to customize your work environment. You must load this file in order to configure multiple displays.

If you are not currently using your finger for your touch application, use Pen Only mode for optimum system performance. You can add this parameter to the system by editing the text file TwParams.

Note that microgouch must mmt one or more of the following controller support components to enable the previous tools. If for any reason you need to call Technical Support, this information will be useful. MT 7 must search for these devices and that process can interfere with other serial devices on the same system.

Ensure that microtouchh components are completely removed from the system files. The cursor should be located underneath your finger or pen when you touch the sensor.

Note that micrtoouch displays have colored frames that will blink when selected and match the touch screen frame once they have been linked. There are separate versions for bit and bit distributions of Linux operating systems.

When you install MT 7 software, you have several installation options: Turn off both the computer and the display, wait a few minutes, and then turn on each device again. Set the double-click area in the medium to high range for optimum performance with a sensor.

Complete the software setup and reboot your system. In Touchdown Mode, you cause a button down at the cursor location, with a short pause and then a button up. Specifically, calibration defines the dimensions of the active area of the sensor and locates the center of the sensor. If any controller ID value appears with a dot, for example: A ring will appear around the point at which you are touching and upon liftoff the right-click menu will appear.

You should be aware of expected results before executing any option.