Hi all, on Ubuntu Kodak Scanners – Linux drivers for several Kodak scanners. I appended this at the bottom of it: Maximilian Borm bormolino wrote on Hope this can be of help to anyone struggling with HP devices. Yevhen onegin-ua wrote on ScanningHowTo – Tips on setting up your scanner.

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When it boots up, go back to devices, and select USB and your scanner should be there with a check by it. Scanimage finds it and works. They are better than nothing, v50 after their installation the scanner is recognized by the system, but all scanner programs report either that they cannot send command to the scanner or that the scanner is busy.

By unchecking and rechecking the device listing for the photo scanner, it then loads it in Ubuntu so both iscan and Vuescan can see it. I’m quite sure that it’s a permission issue, but I’m out of ubuuntu as to how to fix it, and using the scanner as root is not a feasible option.

Epson V Working in Linux | I Shoot Film Scanner Group. | Flickr

When it’s done, restart Ubuntu. Christian Meier chris-ubuntu-two wrote on Can you try what ibuntu if you switch to X-org? Hope this can be of help to anyone struggling with HP devices.

Do you have a file named udev-epson. Installing drivers from support. Symlinks isn’t hard to create in the postinstall scripts.

Linux Scanner Driver Download

Guess this works with all Iscan depend scanners from Epson. But my Epson Perfection V won’t work. I think my problem was the Epson network scanner printer that gets setup during install that was blocking my Epson Perfection V later, even with a working Virturalbox.

User user wrote on My malfunction hasn’t changed a bit with the 1. Overview Discussions Photos Members Map. Xerox Workcentre with the drivers version 1. Are on x-org or wayland? Kodak Scanners – Linux drivers for several Kodak scanners. Just a heads up.

Oh, re-connect the network printer. Veron Rado junket wrote on This problem seems to have been here for a long long time.

Making the library automatically look for plug-ins in all possible places they can be found would be a great idea: That ubunyu why the. Unfortunately brscan4 has a complete different structure so at least one real user is needed Summary is now: These two issues combined, can cause some real headaches for some.

Just tried it as root. Also, Epson USB device permissions should be set properly by udev Let’s see if this problem does have any chances to be fixed in Ubuntu In the meanwhile I had a look on different brscan drivers It worked fine on Ubuntu Peter Hebert peterhebert wrote on Bit of a breakthrough: