Post 3 of Stereophile’s Products of One of these things has got to do it. But after I restart the program and try those, it tells me those outs are also unavailable, and so on, and so forth. Again, thanks for the information flow. Post 4 of Cary Audio SLI integrated amplifier.

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Bonus Recording of December Create new account Request new password. Discussion in ‘ Computer Audio ‘ started by inxigoAug 31, It is not the card. Logitech Squeezebox Touch network music player.

Forum: VirtualDJ 8.0 Technical Support

Install other junk and periodically check that it works I believe that its got to be related to some other program that indiho and eats up the ASIO driver.

No, create an account now. Log in or register to post comments. The trick goes like this sorry, only works on Windows as far as I know, and insigo work with iTunes: I guess I could just settle with the MME driver if I must have both digital audio and the MIDI synth at the same time, but it somehow is unsettling to me that I can’t get the hardware and software working to their fullest potential.

Extracting Music from your PC. Roon Labs Roon v. But im only using a demo and this whole program is pretty new to me so hey Sep 1, at 2: Related Latest Galleries Recommended. I have been getting the dreaded “The following driver s either do not support the current audio format, or are in use by another application.

Yes, so I sugest in the first post to use 6. Im actually using a fujitsu lifebook with an echo indigo card aswell. Maybe that’s because we have different system: Six Suites for Viola Solo. The puzzling thing to me is that on one occurrence it actually functioned normally, which makes me nidigo there is something happening in the background regarding the sound devices.

By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. If you push the latency too far on your computer you will get clicks and pops and other glitches.

The windows kernel itself mixer introduces ms of latency, ASIO bypasses this layer and this is how low latency figures are acceived and this is why I want to get the Hercules working in ASIO.

VIRTUAL DJ SOFTWARE – not working with echo indigo asio drivers

I’ve been an Echo Indigo owner for quite some time now, and I have discovered a nifty trick with the Echo that will make the playback blow your mind well, to quantify, for playback on a PCMCIA sound card Less latency, less noise. Are you saying that driver works for the Echo?

Post 2 of Indigo DJ only 4 out. Recording of January Posted Sun 14 Nov 04 1: Hi there, Indgio for the reply. Posted Wed 17 Nov 04 So please follow these steps, and tell us how do you think of it.

What you have done is told the computer you want the audio before it has finished processing it. The sound is as smooth as silk and I can feel the performer’s emotions.